Allan Linden, Sr Partner and Founder

Allan Linden Global Marketing Consultants

Marketing and Advertising Industry

During my career as a Global Marketer, I’ve helped to successfully launch over 100 products/services and as many companies. For my clients I preach that marketing is both ritual and science. Good workflow practices will generate excellence in the marketing effort, and the science of marketing comes with the new tools that are available measuring results, and quantifying marketing spends. This successful combination delivers what I call “Clarity of Mission and Excellence in Execution” something which I’ve based my 20 plus year marketing career.

Forming a Global facing marketing group is timely and much needed, so I’ve assembled the top 1% performers in Global marketing and public relations. From the US to Canada, from UK to Russia, from Mexico to Brazil and from China to India, the consultants I have teamed with produce results.

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