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Proud to be American…

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Maui. Wonderful on two levels, first our close friends treated us to a stay at their condo/timeshare, and the second because we had a complimentary stay at the Four Season’s on Lana’i. WOW!

It’s been over 8 years since our last visit to Maui, and I noticed a lot of changes in the personality and atmosphere, starting with the “commercialization” of everything on the island. It was just a bit much and at one point all of us agreed it was like being at a Disney Land production. Not quite what I was expecting, but believe me I got over the blatant commercialism quickly and started enjoying the beach, sun and surf.

I was very impressed with how the Hawaiian’s are so proud to be American. It was noticeable with all of the American brand cars, and limited imports the locals drive, as well as the numerous “made in America” mentions with their local print and TV ads. Hawaii is one state that really embraces what it means to be an American, and I will say they are the only state that makes the point clear and proudly.

The one sad point from this, is that their local heritage seems to be fading, as noticed by the lack of saying Alhoa and Mahalo…being replaced with hello and thanks. The question I have is as the Y generation matures, will they keep up their heritage, or be sweep away into pure capitalism? With that said, YES, I did enjoy my stay and would return in a heart beat.

February 2010