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What happens when vision meets goal setting?

I can remember when my wife Joanne told me that she was writing a book with her friend Linda. I was very excited for her and applauded her for her lofty goal. At the time, she thought they could complete the book in 6 months…well 4 years later it is finally completed. Along the way, I watched both of them share laughs, tears, small arguments and plenty of self imposed stress.

Self-published, the book entitled “Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, With a Gun.” represents a collection of stories from Executive Administrators for CEO’s at Billion Dollar companies here in Silicon Valley. If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the CEO’s office, this book gives you insight to real-life stories, good, bad and sometimes funny. The feature story is the title of the book and is a fascinating look as an Admin breaks down and the ladies give advice on how this could have been avoided.

The book is a very fresh approach to a career that many thought was beneath them. You’ll quickly understand that Executive Admins are both powerful influencers as well as business partners with their CEO’s and key executives. The key feature of this book is it gives an insiders view at a level that only a few ever see. It offers advice on how to work more efficiently and how to add “mind-reader” as a title to an Admin’s business card.

At the beginning of this project the ladies set a goal, expanded their vision, realigned their goals, then met and exceeded on their deliverables. Not only did the ladies complete their book, they also started a new company to add to their work load. is a organization dedicated to training Executive Administrators and they launched it mid-summer this 2009. They are a wonderful example of what happens when vision meets goal setting and I’m proud of both of them.

Take a look and order a copy for yourself or an Admin or Executive.

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