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Technology barrier for Twitter

I have to admit I’m not a Twitter fan. Frankly, my ego isn’t big enough for that technology. Come on, do you really want to hear about me going shopping at Fry’s, driving in traffic, where I’m eating, or my lavish vacation in Milpitas, California?

Some of my marketing peers have rushed to embrace Twitter and Facebook as a “must” for their technology clients to be on, but I’m disagreeing with their recommendations on these two Internet marvels. Unless the technology company is selling to the consumer, this is a very expensive medium to put any marketing dollars, especially for the small return on their investment. Time, money, staff…someone has to manage this process, and I just don’t believe it is worth the investment.

On the other hand, YouTube has a number of merits for a technology company, with the biggest being FREE digital asset management for their product or educational video’s. Here are a couple of………
“Oh sorry, I got distracted as I just got Tweeted, my sister is at the pet groomers getting little Sammy trimmed.”

Let me know if you agree on Tweeter and Facebook?