If you lie to start with, where’s the trust?

I often wonder if telemarketers understand what they are reading when they call to solicit. I say that because recently I’ve had a number of telemarketers call me regarding my health, my car’s health, my choice of cable or satellite services, and today my business status with the Better Business Bureau.

My God, the Better Business Bureau calling me…gee I must be special. The young sounding woman on the other end of the phone called to tell me they received an inquiry about my business and was calling to get some updated information. I acknowledge her for reaching out and calling me, and gave her some of the basics…address, years in business…all the stuff that one could get via my website.

Feeling confident she had enough information, she soon moved in for the close. We’d like you to join etc. “Wait a minute I thought to myself,” I’ve just been hustled. I stopped the conversation and ask if she had the name of the company that made the inquiry. She politely said they don’t give that information out. I politely asked her “So, really there was no inquiry was there? Come on tell the truth!” With a small pause she admitted it was her script she was reading and most likely no inquiry.

After her admission of guilt I asked a simple question, “how can a company, like the Better Business Bureau, an organization known as a brand you turn to for trusted advice, use a telemarketing script which lies from the get go? “ Of course she couldn’t answer that.

It seems too obvious that if the company, who wants your business lies over the little things in the beginning, can’t be trusted in the relationship. What happens when you are doing business with them?

Great brands build trust. Trust and respect build customers. What’s your take on it?

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