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Anyone interested in making money, turning to consulting or take their business idea to the next level?

I’m putting together a 6 part Webinar conference aimed at those looking to make money, become a consultant or start a business. I’m hosting a 1 hour executive summary which will detail what it takes to develop a simple action plan for creating a business and/or consulting practice. Limited seating for this beta session. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send details and date.


Looking for a job in all the wrong places?

I’m one for wanting to put a positive spin on what otherwise would look bleak for the rest of the year. We’ll hear of more layoffs, reduced pay and here in California our budget short fall will effect the lives of thousands of teachers and State workers with pink slips being handed out this month.

Here are some ideas for quick money:
1. Work for yourself. Start looking at some multi-level marketing companies to join. Amway is just one of the larger ones, but there are many out there. Find the company that offers products and services that you like and would feel comfortable selling. Health, beauty, soap, jewelry etc.
2. Put your skills and knowledge to use. “I’m too young. I’m too old. I’m too fat.” The excuses are many, but the truth is you have value in your experience, and obviously your last employer thought so. Think about competitors or other companies out their that can use your expertise…become a consultant. Do some research on what it takes, and make some phone calls.

Finally, now is the time to network with friends, and strangers. Don’t be shy, call them and let them know you are available.