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Improving Your PR On The Internet

Lately, I’ve been picking up a number of public relations projects. Nothing big, but certainly global in reach. As I started to investigate new and more creative ways to promote my clients, I’ve quickly realized the Internet offers some very amazing communications tools that are both low-cost and extremely effective.

Here are some ideas I’d like to share:
1. What ever you post on the Internet is automatically global. So with that said, think about your brand and how better to serve it up. Perhaps a release that is in multiple languages?

2. PR is not advertising. When developing your release, think in terms of who, what and how it helped or solved a problem. Don’t talk in ad lingo and especially, don’t make it a marketing piece.

3. Different online services reach media in ways that may not be beneficial. By example, PRweb offers a low-cost way to reach general media, where Businesswire adds targeted trade publications at no additional costs.

4. Publicity on the internet will build traffic to your website. Preplanning on how to capture those views and turn them into leads is seldom done. Why not include a side bar story attached to the release with a simple capture form.

5. Internet analytics are great and for the most part free. Google, Yahoo and even your own hosting service offers them. Certainly, any of the wire services do too. The smart marketer uses this data to both plan strategy and validate effectiveness.

6. Remember to add keywords and meta tags to your release so it can be picked up by search engines.

7. Don’t forget about posting your releases on social networking sites and blogs. It’s free and may just hit your audience where they least expect it.

Do you have any ideas to share?

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