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Special Olympics Comment and Being PC

Let’s make a deal that all of us for the rest of the year aren’t PC or Politically Correct! It’s just a joke, come on, Obama was just kidding when he made that comment on Jay Leno show last night. Please, can’t we all just get along. LOL.

Admit it, we’ve all from time to time said or done something stupid, put someone or some entity down… you know you did. I think we’ve all just taken PC as far as it can go, with watering down every word, jester and nuance of humanity.

I encourage you to join my team and make fun of someone, do it today! I guarantee you’ll put a smile on your face… and really, she looks so fat in that sun dress. Oppps, I just heard a beeping sound…look out, she’s back’n up.

The following views are not the views of this company. We don’t know this person, nor would we ever say anything like this. We believe in the American way, we are all equal, fatties, skinnies, shorties, tallies, and those little people too. You know… the little one’s on TV. We would never do anything to anyone, say anything to anyone, or write anyone.