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Opening Digital Markets Globally

I’ve been having fun over the past two months helping my new client Transparent Video Systems (TVS) launch a new marketing and press relations campaign. They have just announced landing 4 new customers for their product The Challenger(tm) Platform, including a first for the country of Guyana…an all-digital cable system. Additionally, they’ve announced a very cool new toy for us TV fanatics called the TVS SmartStream(tm) Digital Bridge and CAS Card. Basically, the SmartStream allows you to directly connect to most TV’s, PC’s, Mac’s, or mobile devices that accept a USB connection. It virtually eliminates the cable company set-top box and allows you to connect to your own entrainment media storage device like the new Western Digital or i-Omega equipment making it a personal video recorder (PVR).

TVS is a great example of a small company run by a brilliant guy, who likes what he does and does it well. It’s fun to watch as they are starting to open up new markets worldwide, targeting the small to medium sized cable operators. With their Challenger all-digital CATV platform, they are helping their customers cross the digital divide with equipment to help them make the transition from an analog system to an all-digital world.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about these folks soon, as I help build their brand.