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Are you the CMO of the future?

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Silicon Valley CMO Summit, with the topic covering surviving the economic downturn and what we as marketing types can do to improve our chances. Taking a broader view, I also looked at how the current market affects each of us, employed or not. Here are a few ideas to consider as you grow your career or improve on the one you are in as a CMO…

So who is the CMO of the future? He or she will be able to take their marketing box and learn to fly with it. Sometime within the next three years the first “CMO of the future” will be hired by a Fortune 1000 company, predicts Roger Wood, the former corporate vice-president of global marketing at footwear maker Reebok International. This CMO, Mr. Wood says, will be connected to friends of all ages and nationalities, as well as conversant with all media and will know how to oversee marketing strategies that integrate all of them. The relentless pace of globalization of business will compel future CMOs to be fluent in multiple cultures as well as multimedia.

But why wait for three years to become that type of CMO. If you embrace the new worlds of marketing…digital, social networking, business community forums etc., and look at out of the box strategies to reach your targets…you have arrived. As we look forward to 2009 and think about what will be, I’m positive none of us reading this blog today will be able to have the vision of what life and reality will deliver next year or in the years beyond.

Certainly though, all of us have the capacity to learn, educate and ask for advice that will make us into the CMO of the future. A leader with a global marketing perspective, balanced multi-culturally, and fluent in the many forms of marketing tools and analytics that will first make us a success and ultimately make our employer successful.

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