Silicon Valley CMO Summit Report

Well…wasn’t the CMO Summit just fun!  We had 27 in final attendance, and a mixture of marketing veterans who all had great opinions and ideas to share.

Dr. Reilly turned out to be an excellent speaker, and at first appearance she came across as a bit shy.  But as soon as she started her talk, you were riveted to listening to her every word and though her speech ran 30 minutes longer than planned…we all enjoyed it.

Summary of her talk:
Recession will last a few years…stagflation possible for next year, followed by inflation.  Look to 2nd half of the year 2009 for business sector to kick-in. Basically we are ALL screwed as credit will remain tight, housing will be in the negative, and the American durable goods manufacturers will see drastic cut-backs.

Bright side, start-ups and companies focused on new technologies i.e. green energy; social networking and Internet based; Government suppliers; Infrastructure suppliers (roads, bridges, heavy construction). I wish I could better articulate her speech…it was really good.

My global colleagues Jane Prior of Priority Consultants based in Singapore, and Crispin Manners of Kaizo PR and Marketing based in London, gave us a glimpse of what was happening in their Geo’s and shared some strategies for marketing/pr in 2009.

In my presentation (which I will share in later blogs) I discussed what marketers are doing in North American and shared 7 strategies for successful marketing in a downturn economy.  I also discussed my thoughts on what the CMO of the future will need to know and do.

Christina Ellwood of Moreland Associates, did a great job as usual…after all public speaking is in her DNA.  We ended the meeting with 30 minute roundtable discussion and WOW, it was lively and fun.  Everyone seemed to have an opinion.  The event ended with some award winning wine and unexpected guest, the owner of the winery joined in to share his insights to his products.

I really want to thank and acknowledge all of you, who helped in the event preparation, presentation and sponsorship of this project.  Talk about making me look good.  Thanks!


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