17 Days Before Santa’s Arrival

This past weekend I stopped by our local shopping mall, surprised by the crowds and parking situation or lack there of, I thought to myself “what resecssion?”  Bargin hunters, early holiday shoppers and folks who just like crowds and people watching were all out and in full glory.  December is also reserved for marketers as they plan next year’s budget or revise the plans from October.  Smart marketers will also be smart bargin hunters as ad placement is at it lowest point reflecting back to the early 70’s pricing.

Chicago Tribune announced today they are filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and stated it is directly related to the state of the economy with less and less advertising dollars both print and electronic being spent.  I was fortunate enough to be part of a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line…for those of you who forgot)…(broadband) pioneer, who in part was responsible for delivering the services we now all enjoy and take for granted. I mention this because the person I worked for at the time (Kumar Shah) was a true visionary when he marketed the idea that the Internet would change the world of advertising. And yes, he was right and yes, the Internet did change the face of marketing and advertising.

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