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Help! The Sky is Falling!

This week started off with me getting a number of calls from old friends and associates here in the SF Bay area saying they either got laid off or have been out of work for more than a year.  Ouch! This is sad news as I know marketing types are always the first to go and budgets slashed to conserve money.  Let’s face it…December sucks as a month to be looking for work.

I have some ideas that I would like to share with those of you currently in the “I’m now a consultant” mode while looking for full time work.  First, I want to form a community of networking for marketing types…let’s call it “Pink Slip Summit” and it will cater just to marketing folks.  It always seems we get the short end of the stick…so let’s help ourselves.  More on this idea as it develops.

What to do over the holidays: Obvious, but get your resume in order. Start with 3 types…formal, short and quick and focused on different types of career titles i.e. Director of MarCom, VP of Sales, New Business Manager…well you get the idea.  Then make sure you have them saved in doc and txt formats.

Next…post to as many online sites as possible.  Yes, you will get spammed but you might just get a hit. By the way, less than 1% of executive jobs are filled from online postings…but you could be in the 1%.

I have more ideas, but this is a blog not a presentation.  If you like my idea on Pink Slip Summit for Marketing types…let me know and give me some ideas on how to get this working.

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