Lots to be thankful for…

…even if it is a bit bleak out there. It’s the start of Thanksgiving week and my family and I are off visiting family and friends in Cleveland, Ohio. Burr, it’s cold here in the mid- 20’s and snowing…just like I remember as a child growing up here. On Monday, I took my son for a tour of Cleveland and was amazed at just how much the downtown area has changed for the better. Their redevelopment program has completely changed the face of their main street Euclid Avenue, which runs from the Westside to the Eastside of Cleveland.


I also found a part of the downtown area that is completely abandoned…whole sky rise buildings empty. It was a bit dramatic as I remember what a center of commerce the downtown area had been. It reminds me somewhat of the Silicon Valley corridor with the many empty tilt-ups once filled with the dreams and aspirations of entrepreneurs wanting to be the next Apple or Google.


So as we prepare to feast with family, I’m reflecting on what was and is, but thankful for friends, family and colleagues for their trust and support. We all know next year will be better for us and the future will be brighter as we make course adjustments and learn from past missteps. Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving!

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