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Proud to be an American

Today’s incoming email for me was interesting as it contained 3 different comments about our President elect Obama. Surprisingly they were all very complimentary, positive in tone and one showing a nice slice of life humorist twist. Add to this email comments and posts from my friends and colleagues internationally I’d say we picked a winner. My friend Bernard in France wrote to say “You American’s finally got it right!” Can you imagine a French guy admitting we got something right for a change?

My friend in China dropped me a note that the talk around his town has been all good and they feel President Obama will make a big difference in how the world see’s us. Wow…can you imagine that. Getting a little of the worn and dingy grime off of our image, it’s very promising to hear and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

I’m not sure many of you remember the “Buy American” campaign that ran during the 70’s, I think it was part of the American Auto Industry trying to use the brute force of marketing to help make their crappy products more competitive with the imports. I wonder if it is time once again to bring that campaign back. We need to take pride in our products and reinvest our buying power in ourselves. And you have to admit, the car guys are getting quality of their products to compete against the Asian craftsman…well OK, not Chrysler. At least switch our buying habits until we can get unemployment under control. What are your thoughts?

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