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Day After Can We Live With Our Choices?

Well, we’ve all lived through a bit of history with the election of our first black president.  The comments around the water cooler have ranged from “how fantastic” to “OMG, I can’t believe they elected this guy.” Himmm, can you guess who the later person’s choice was?

So here’s the deal…based on past experience here in Silicon Valley, and living through 4 presidential elections and 3 down turns in the economy, I believe we will start seeing a positive change starting in March.  Why? By March, President Obama will have been in office almost 2 months, and business will be starting their selling cycle. At this point too, you and I will have a feeling of confidence and false hope, just enough to get the economic engine turning again.  If all holds true, we might even see some very innovative new products or services being introduced to help give buyers a reason to buy.

So, what do you think?  Let’s share some collective brain waves on the subject.